Davy Douhine 1 min

An important milestone has been reached at RandoriSec!

Since 2015,we’ve been offering our expertise as cybersecurity consulting services and today we’re launching our first software solution: Shindan


Shindan is a simple, fast and effective, “Made in France”, solution for securing smartphones and tablets by identifying their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The advandatages of the Shindan solution are:

  • Obtain a diagnosis in just a few minutes
  • No device requisitioning, no application installation, no MDM enrollment and no manual intervention
  • You don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert to use it
  • No access to user personal data, solely technical files and logs

The solution benefits from the expertise that RandoriSec has been building up since 2017 on attack techniques as well as inforensic analysis techniques for mobile terminals.

Following the analysis, Shindan provides you with the following:

  • A one-page summary of the results, with an easy-to-interpret score
  • A detailed report including a timeline of the compromissions and vulnerabilities detected, technical details of the elements analyzed and recommendations

If you want a demo, contact us here.