[Training/Conference] Hack In Paris 2019   Mise à jour récente !

RandoriSec was at Hack In Paris 2019 and it was wonderful! This 9th edition took place at Maison de la Chimie in Paris (of course!).

The event was divided in two parts:

  • June 16th to 18th: 3 days of trainings with 13 different subjects (IoT, ICS, Windows exploitation, Web and mobile hacking, etc.)
  • June 19th to 20th: 2 days of talks with a unique track.

If you follow this blog, you already know that RandoriSec gave a training about Mobile Hacking. 12 students followed our intensive 2 days training and wanted more. So, we are planning to add one more day of training for the next sessions!

In addition, Guillaume Lopes, shared his techniques to circumvent payments on the Android applications using the Google Play Billing API. The slides are already available on the HIP website and the video has been published on the Youtube channel.

The next edition will take place at Maison de la Chime on June 15th to 19th! We hope to see you there!